Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love Garden

Lovely Evening
Fantastic nursery
Comforting Climate
Rococo Garden
Scent of flowers in air
Intoxicated with such glamors around
with eyes closed
I was taken in the direction of the softest breeze.
With a sudden jerk,
Feeling the hard bed of the garden
I slowly open my eyes
To see hundreds of seeds in air
And a manly hand to help me to my legs.
I saw him .
His sparkling eyes made me smile.
Nature made it more romantic
with tender drizzles.
Being nurture by raindrops,
Those seeds are now creeping all around us
With Pink, red ,lilac flowers blooming.
Under the large,colorful umbrella
Me in his arms
Holding his head in my hands
I kissed him to say
" I love you".