Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweet Memories OF 2010

Here is a list of my greatest and petty ,cute,sweet memories of 2010.
* Our 1st wedding anniversary in my howntown with my family.
* My Brother got his 1st job * Happy Happy*
* Our outing to Queensland (Theme Park) for Nish Bday and had a bash
* My dad , mom,brother gave a suprise Bday party for Nishok *!GREAT!*
* My trip to Pune - Awesome city and terrible shopping
* Met my cute pets - Tom and Jerry
* My dad's Bday bash - but missed Krishna
* Krishna 's bday
* Nishok and me went to Yercaud
* Saw the awesome,mind blowing film "Endhiran"
* so many sweet memories.....
got a big list so stopping here.
Forget the bad memories and cherish the good ones, keep going

Good bye 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Festival season!

After a long break, I'm blogging. I had lots of experience in this break. Festival season is around. Christmas is gone,but the colours, lights, sweets are all present everywhere. From the childhood, I have a small desire during this season. Buying and decorating a christmas tree. So my mom bought me a chirstmas tree. Now it is more than 8 feet. My mom and me even purchase small decoratives which are cute and attractive with bright colours.

Mom we need to do this one day."Decorating a chirstmas tree"

Happy Christmas readers!