Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Activity 100 : Night View from Rooftop

This view was captured from the roof top of my new work buiding. It was an awesome view. If I had a dslr, then it would be far better. But I am happy with this shot. What do you say?

My Mid day Indulgence

        I am not sweet toothed. But sometimes my carving for sweets ranging from savouries to cakes is huge. I am bit consicious on my diet these days ;). Once in a while to appreciate my efforts in maintaining my diet, I pamper myself with my favourite food.

     During my busy day at work, my tummy kept thinking of Cakes. This is chirstmas time. From my childhood my tummy is turned to carve for cakes during these holidays.


      I made up my mind to indulge on cakes for lunch. I skipped my lunch and checked out the cake corner in our office cafe. I was spellbound with the varieties of flavours. I chose Strawberry flavour at last.

Choco Vanilla Cake
Vanilla with Choco Scrumbs
Pure Chocolate Cake

It was soft,moist  and creamy. The taste was awesome.That piece of cake had 7 layers and was topped with mixed fruit jelly jam and vanilla cream. The huge slab of cake was more for my lunch. I had invited no friends for lunch that day for my secret indulgence. So stuffed my tummy with this yummy delicasy.

Should tune my tummy for the diet again :(

Happy Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Activity 100 : New Work Building

This is my new work building alloted for a week. This is a temporary work place until my usual buiding is ready after that 'fire accident'. This buiding has 9 floors. After 6 pm, the block is beautifully lit with white lights. This view is from the 6th floor of the building.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Activity 100 : Hello Holidays

Christmas is fast approaching. I clicked few Christmas tree. I love christmas tree. As I have already mentioned, I want to decorate a chirstmas tree with beautiful simple ornaments.

Anyways, say hello to Holidays

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fire Alarm

Today as usual, I reached office by 8 am and started working on the tasks I had to do. After an hour and a half, emergency alarm broke the silence for the first time. No one was bothered as we were used to false alarms or boring fire drills.

The alarm started again and again. I started developing doubt. Drills happen only around afternoon and false alarms can happen once or twice. So I just went one floor down. i. e to  second floor of the building. I saw men running here and there. I didnt panic but stopped one among them to ask him what had happened.

He replied me saying a Server cable burned, hence the alarm. I ran back to my place alerted my project mates to rush down.

By the time we reached down, most of them were evacuated from the building. We were all safe. WE were made to go away from the building. After few minutes, volunteers were carrying hose pipes, water cans and rush to the second floor when fire was fast spreading to third floor. (I was working in this floor)

An ambulance came rushing to the spot. Two to three fire engines rushed to the spot. Soon we were able to see smokes through terrace. Smoke filled the building. News spread to media and was flashed on NDTV and SUN TV. Soon my family and friends started calling me to check if I am ok.

We were asked to leave home as Network through out the building was out. After a long struggle I came home. Had no money. One of my project guy helped me with 100 bugs. Damn my hand bag was stuck in the third floor. I munched a sandwich and came home tired.

Thanks to all who were helping us to evacuate the building and to those who fought with fire and smoke. Hats off.

PS : Don't ignore emergency alarms. This is for our precious life. Money doesnt matter. Life is more important.

Activity 100 : Car Ride

I love fast yet steady car rides. My dad is my favourite in driving a car. He can drive any car.
My proud of you appa!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Activity 100 : FireCracker Flower

The FireCracker Flower is very common in Tamil Nadu. We call it Kanagambaram. These flowers have the shades in orange to red range.

This picture was taken this summer when i noticed them in our garden.

Activity 100 : Bhajji

Hot delicious bhajji getting deep fried in oil.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Activity 100 : Rock Mountain

The rocky montains can be seen on the way to Ambai. It is similar to the one in Australia. I loved the drive along its length.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Activity 100 : Colourful Vegetables

                  Our usual side dish for Idly or dosa on a weekday's evening is Gots. This picture was taken on such a day when my mom was cooking busily.
I am longing to have such yummy delicious food cooked by my mom. I took this snap when my mom started making this dish. The colours were attracting.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Smallest Coffee Day

              Once we went to pick up my brother from airport home. While waiting for his flight to arrive, myself, the hubby and my two cousins were wanderering here and there in the airport exploring the new construction which is going on still.

            I was so tired standing near the guests gate. So my sweet hubby brought a luggage trolly and made me sit on it . He moved the trolley I was sitting. I adore him.

While wandering , we got a look at the Cafe Coffee Day. Not just Cafe Coffee Day. It was the smallest Cafe Coffee Day. There were no chairs or couch. We need to hangout there standing. But we wanted coffee badly. Myself and my cousin check out the prize of the coffee. It was costing around 200 bugs rounding off.

We silently ordered a choclate cake and moved to the shop opposite to it. It was a South indian Coffee bar. We bought coffee for just 20 bugs rounding off... Not to mention the small piece of cake was 75 bugs.

We muched our cakes and made fun of the cockroaches in the Coffee bars showcase. This made the owner pissed off.

We were forced to leave the place.

A crappy incident, just to post the Small Cafe Coffee Day shop picture.

Activity 100 : Self Portait

This picture reminds me of our happy super trip to a village called Ambai in Tirunelveli District.
I love this picture!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Activity 100 : BDay Cake

Though , I was all alone this bday, my few most loved people very close to my heart wished me. They made my day. Thanks to my family (Nishok,Dad,Mom,Krishna) , people who love me and my friends.

Thanks a lot.

My mom and dad presented me a fantastic chudidhar. Loved it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Activity 100 : Standing Tall

Can't you see a heart formation of all green leaves around this coconut tree?
With this picture, I can say "With love around, one can stand tall "

My hubby loves this photo.. He encourages me in all my small crazy funny things. This is my  75th Activity 100 post. Hurrah! And my special wishes to my dear mama
Happy birthday Asa mama!! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Activity 100 : Ephiphytes

These plants are called epiphyte which grow on other plants but don't suck out their hosts nutrients (not parasities).In a relationship, bond must grow and relished. One should not take advantage of other.

My hubby appreciated me for taking this photo. I count on his feedbacks. He loved my work.