Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Activity 100 : My First Cake Making Attempt

My attempt on making cakes. I love making Icing for the cakes.
I made sweet vanilla icing and decorated the Chocolate Cake

Monday, October 24, 2011

Activity 100 : Love Noodles

Home made noodles. I love doing this with spices and masala powders.
This recipie has potatoes and carrots too.
My family loves me cooking noodles. esp my brother

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Activity 100 : Nocturnal Pasta

On a night during our 'movie time' , our tummy asked for something to eat. So I cooked this Saucey spicy Pasta.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Activity 100 : Kolam

This is an art done with Rice powder mixed with water. We do this on festival day to express something good is going on in the home.
I  love doing this art around our house on festival days. One such art is shown above.

Try this. It is very easy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rangola Rangola Rangoli

As our favourite festival is fast approaching , all are gearing up to shop the latest outfits, jewels, footwear, and esp crackers.

Most of them in workplace were not able to  concentrate on their work. Hence our cilents grabbed this time to conduct fun activities for employees for a week.

For today , It was Rangoli competition. One would have seen colours all over splashed , spread over their designs and around. There were 5 teams I guess. I just captured all the rangolis as gesture of participation.

I liked this one very much :)
Hope everyone enjoyed this competition. Advance Diwali wishes..

Activity 100 : Lotte - The Lottery Game

In my work place,  a small Lotte Game show was conducted to collect donation for
poor childern. Buying these tickets contributes to money to those children. I lost this game just by 1 number.
But that does nt matter. What say ? *wink*

Monday, October 17, 2011

Activity 100 : Designer Collection

My mom and I have interest towards collection of handbags.
We have dozens of handbags which are trendy, classy and unquie. One such bag which my mom uses now is full of alphabets. I love the colour combination in this bag.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gollu 2011 : Photographic Post

This year, I made a good arrangement for Gollu. I applied for a day off and did all the arrangement myself. After completeing a small but neat Gollu, I felt satisfied and happy. I invited all my close relatives and friends.

Everyone I called came to visit our Gollu. Mr. N gave a good company. My creativity nerve  also contributed a bit to this event this year. I made Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva out of colourful clay blocks. I was thrilled.

Most important thing which made me happy is my parents made it from Thanjavur to visit my small gollu. I was excited to the core.

Check out the pictures of our Gollu 2011.
Gollu 2011 as a whole

Chettiar doll in his shop

First thing to be kept to start a Gollu : Kumbam
We decorate it as a Goddess and worship as the same

Wooden Indian doll. A must keep doll in Indian Gollu

Goddess Durga

Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Saraswathi

Mr. N's Childhood dolls

Doll gifted by Mr.N

Lord Shiva made of Clay

Lord Ganesha made of clay

Lord Ganesha made of clay

 Hope you enjoyed my Gollu 2011.

Activity 100 : Watch Watch

This was a gift from my parents.
Loved the colour of the strap.
BayWatch Watch..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Filmy Day Out

Last week , myself and hubby planned to call an off. We didn't have much of "our" time /Date in recent times, hence the decision. We had few household works and started of our footloose ride round the city.

A small aqaurium near the mall

As usual, we went to Gangotree to have creamy yummy strawberry milkshake. Then we went to Abirami Mall. This was the first time we went there. It was a small mall when compared to EA , Spencers and PVR. It was crowdy too. We decided to watch a movie named "Muran". We had a nice time together and enjoyed each scene together.

Then we came down to have some thing to eat as we didnt pack our lunch. We chose Chennai Noodle House. There were varaities of food outlets. But we chose Chennai Noodle House.

I ordered Chilli Garlic Noodle along with Gobi Manchurian. After placing the order, my hubby rushed to our table with two small papers in hand and gave to me. "OMG" Those were tickets to a movie called "Vedi". I was suprised. He said let be together for another 4 hours. We rarely get such happy long hours together alone. We loved those moments and want more time together.

Food was awesome. I love the combination we ordered and rushed to the screen which played "Vedi" . Though movie was an average flick, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie and each other making fun of the movie, munching pop corns.

I really admired the artwork done over the ceiling wall. Arty and classy. I felt screens were good but the stairs,lift , path to each floor are narrow and are prone to accidents. This should be considered by the management.

We were already tired but wanted to go a big ride. So from Purasivakkam we went to TNagar and then to our home. Long,speedy,cool bike ride.

We enjoyed. Thank you N for such a lovely date. Love you N.

Activity 100 :Heart's Reflection

Took this snap on a Navarathri day. Loved the heart very much and relished its reflection on it too..

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs : A Job well done.

Few years back , I dont know who Steve Jobs was, until I saw his speech video for Stanford students. An amazing, provoking, motivating speech was spectated by students who were lucky to see him and listen to him.

I admired him. I felt sad on his death and wanted to give respect to him. Hence this post. I made clay flowers and a so called half bit apple.

Hats off to you!

Planning to get an ipad or Mac book to respect you and enjoy your creation. Love you. Thank you.

PS I have never used an Apple product but in future I will use them for sure.

irespect ipray ibuy iremember you always