Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gokulashtami special - Photographic Post!

This is how we celebrate gokulashtami every year! First pooja hall was made ready for pooja! then sweets and snacks were made. This year my mom made athrisam,Badam cake,spikes murukku, ribbon/malabar pakkoda,thean kollal! Yummy! Then with rice powder and water mix
the floors are made of various designs and importantly Krishna's Foot prints! Pooja was then made.. thus we celebrated this occasion! Hope u enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

~Exotic Beauties of Yours~

These two exotic beauties
Showed me their language with the scripts of feelings;
Taught me the Chapters
Of various emotions;
making me envision the world.
Though these beauties belong to you,
They paved the way to the colourful world of happiness-
Your heart I would say.
Oh! sweet and lovely eyes of Yours.

-Priyaa Iyer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Thanks to Matangi for this tag. After a long time, I'm here to write something on me. She has tagged me with the topic namely Six crazy characteristics of me! I will give them below without counts and i dont mind if they are crazy or nerdo one!

Six Crazy Characteristics Of Mine:

1) I always want my loved ones to push me in positive direction with which I could do anything!; enemies to discourage me so that i can excel in everything!

2) I don't know to braid my hair. Which i think to be my negative but I adjust with ponytails and other styles!

3) I'm crazy about downloading! I download all kind of music,books,wallpapers... Among them I like to download books, I have more than 10 GBs of Books ...... technical , fiction,non fictions,bio...............etc

4) I get inspired by many things and hence I learn quickly.. Some are writings,books,music,paintings,etc.

5) I observe people rather than starting a conversation with them. I enjoy it!

6) I still save my childhood books and notebooks...

7) I think a lot before doing anything..and hence most of my decisions are good or even the best!

Ok thatz enough I suppose ! I tag




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