Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Thanks to Matangi for this tag. After a long time, I'm here to write something on me. She has tagged me with the topic namely Six crazy characteristics of me! I will give them below without counts and i dont mind if they are crazy or nerdo one!

Six Crazy Characteristics Of Mine:

1) I always want my loved ones to push me in positive direction with which I could do anything!; enemies to discourage me so that i can excel in everything!

2) I don't know to braid my hair. Which i think to be my negative but I adjust with ponytails and other styles!

3) I'm crazy about downloading! I download all kind of music,books,wallpapers... Among them I like to download books, I have more than 10 GBs of Books ...... technical , fiction,non fictions,bio...............etc

4) I get inspired by many things and hence I learn quickly.. Some are writings,books,music,paintings,etc.

5) I observe people rather than starting a conversation with them. I enjoy it!

6) I still save my childhood books and notebooks...

7) I think a lot before doing anything..and hence most of my decisions are good or even the best!

Ok thatz enough I suppose ! I tag




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