Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Power- YOU

I dont know how to tell or how to express the state of my mind at this moment. It has the fears of future. What will happen to me in the coming days. My Heart beats are uncountable. Full tension prevails even in sleep. I have a continuous shivering in my hands. I stand or sit for a long time without doing anything. I m not able to eat properly. Whenever I see any movie or hear any song I relate it with what going on. No peace of mind. Huge responsibility on my head. Chained dissappointments, feeling alone , always hearing voice(which I adore) in my inner mind.Always my eyes are filled with water and reddened. My state of responses to others are only irritated version. I often think No one should have such a tension. I feel like I lost my strengths and powers. why ? why?

I now realise the power of love. Power of you around me. Come back soon. Waiting for you. I can't live with memories for an year.plz come back.

I know you will feel the same.

Come back. We will be together always.
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