Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love Garden

Lovely Evening
Fantastic nursery
Comforting Climate
Rococo Garden
Scent of flowers in air
Intoxicated with such glamors around
with eyes closed
I was taken in the direction of the softest breeze.
With a sudden jerk,
Feeling the hard bed of the garden
I slowly open my eyes
To see hundreds of seeds in air
And a manly hand to help me to my legs.
I saw him .
His sparkling eyes made me smile.
Nature made it more romantic
with tender drizzles.
Being nurture by raindrops,
Those seeds are now creeping all around us
With Pink, red ,lilac flowers blooming.
Under the large,colorful umbrella
Me in his arms
Holding his head in my hands
I kissed him to say
" I love you".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gokulashtami special - Photographic Post!

This is how we celebrate gokulashtami every year! First pooja hall was made ready for pooja! then sweets and snacks were made. This year my mom made athrisam,Badam cake,spikes murukku, ribbon/malabar pakkoda,thean kollal! Yummy! Then with rice powder and water mix
the floors are made of various designs and importantly Krishna's Foot prints! Pooja was then made.. thus we celebrated this occasion! Hope u enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

~Exotic Beauties of Yours~

These two exotic beauties
Showed me their language with the scripts of feelings;
Taught me the Chapters
Of various emotions;
making me envision the world.
Though these beauties belong to you,
They paved the way to the colourful world of happiness-
Your heart I would say.
Oh! sweet and lovely eyes of Yours.

-Priyaa Iyer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Thanks to Matangi for this tag. After a long time, I'm here to write something on me. She has tagged me with the topic namely Six crazy characteristics of me! I will give them below without counts and i dont mind if they are crazy or nerdo one!

Six Crazy Characteristics Of Mine:

1) I always want my loved ones to push me in positive direction with which I could do anything!; enemies to discourage me so that i can excel in everything!

2) I don't know to braid my hair. Which i think to be my negative but I adjust with ponytails and other styles!

3) I'm crazy about downloading! I download all kind of music,books,wallpapers... Among them I like to download books, I have more than 10 GBs of Books ...... technical , fiction,non fictions,bio...............etc

4) I get inspired by many things and hence I learn quickly.. Some are writings,books,music,paintings,etc.

5) I observe people rather than starting a conversation with them. I enjoy it!

6) I still save my childhood books and notebooks...

7) I think a lot before doing anything..and hence most of my decisions are good or even the best!

Ok thatz enough I suppose ! I tag




girl next door

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Power- YOU

I dont know how to tell or how to express the state of my mind at this moment. It has the fears of future. What will happen to me in the coming days. My Heart beats are uncountable. Full tension prevails even in sleep. I have a continuous shivering in my hands. I stand or sit for a long time without doing anything. I m not able to eat properly. Whenever I see any movie or hear any song I relate it with what going on. No peace of mind. Huge responsibility on my head. Chained dissappointments, feeling alone , always hearing voice(which I adore) in my inner mind.Always my eyes are filled with water and reddened. My state of responses to others are only irritated version. I often think No one should have such a tension. I feel like I lost my strengths and powers. why ? why?

I now realise the power of love. Power of you around me. Come back soon. Waiting for you. I can't live with memories for an year.plz come back.

I know you will feel the same.

Come back. We will be together always.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bon Voyage

This time, I have been given a chance to prove my convincing power and motivating power. Usually all through my student life, I have been motivate by him.

This time I have to make up his mind to go aboard for his job and prove himself. I was successful in my academics only becoz of him.

He is such a nice hearted person who cares for people around him without selfishness. He is a gem.

He is not bestowed with happiness or loads and loads of wealth. He is bestowed with a nice heart.
He has overcome a lots of obstacles that can't be explained to all...

He is now on the path to make his life bright. He has to prove himself out. Show people who he is..

He has still a reason to go there. Itz not for him alone .... Itz for his family.....

He is loved by all ...... He will win...... He can..... Wishing him all the best....... God Bless You..

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Garden - Photographical Post

P.S -All photos are taken by me.... Ha Ha Ha......... After a long time I went into my garden and captured these beauties.... I love flowers..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Thanks to Matangi and Kartz for this tag,...
Hai Friends... I have been tagged with the topic "10 things I miss and 10 things I want to achieve within a decade".Let me share with you the following:

10 things I miss:

I'm a kind of person who believes in sentiments and thus I'm so sensitive.I don't really know how many things I really miss in my life but somehow I managed to pen down a few.

*My Grandmother-Meena paati: A gift given to me and grabbed from me by the same person "GOD".Her Love ,care, paintings, patience,her diary,slogams, encouragements,her fair n lovely complexion,beautiful handwriting, embroidery works, her stick, her sweet hugs and kisses, her tender voice can't be explained in words. It has to be felt. I was lucky having her by my side. Such a wonderful person. I miss you "lochu" "Bless me Grand ma"....

*My Tommy:
He loved me and lived for me..He could live sans milk or food but he couldn't be without me. My Labrador Retriever who got his indepandence from me on August 15th. I love you Tom.

*My Toyota Qualis:
It stood in the mind of many when they think of me. I was the first to buy this big beast in my city when it just entered the market. I love to drive and ride in it. Our family adored it.

*My Doberman- Mr.Max- My Soldier:
Max I love you and I miss you.

*My School: The place which inculcated lots of good things in me.

*My College: Most beautiful place in the world of mine. Happiest days are my college days. My friends, professors are the people I miss the most now.

and so on. Great I made six things...

10 things I want to achieve within a decade:

Lots of desires and goals are in my mind .... I should have the power to make them true....
Here are some my wishes r goals..

*I want to learn a lots of languages(computer-based) and improve my knowledge...
*I want myself to be transformed into a playback singer..
*I should improve my writing style so that it should be in more matured way...
*Love my life and earn a lot of it (love, money, happiness.......).......
*Want to loved by everyone and be respected.......
*Have to make a lovely life which is the reality of my own dreams and wishes......
*I want to learn driving heavy vehicles including huge bikes like bulletsand thunderbolt...
*I want to visit all over the world .
*I want to buy a car of my own..
*last but nor least a better human........

Now I tag



topic: dreams.................


Missing You SASTRA

Waking up early in the morning, rushing to catch the bus, cashing the bus, Listening to the song "padichupathen eravilla " in full sound, going to class before time, waiting for friends to join, listening to class, sending sms to the backbench friends while the lectures get boring, kadalai s, making fun of all who get caught in eyes, thinking of krishna canteen samosas, lunch time philosophies on cinema, pick ups and drops, not studies,'E' and 'I' get togethers ;-),thinking to get nice marks, running for notes,studying a week before exams,filling out loads and loads of papers in exam, anxious about results, getting unexpected marks,asking for treats,hanging out in canteen, taking part in arguments which may end up in quarrels,naming lecturers,cartooning them,enjoying cultural s,waiting for holidays, ................

Will I get these happiest moments again?

Golden days are the College days.

I enjoyed this life in my own way.

Missing my friends,I section, E section, proffs,..................................

I love you SASTRA.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hai Friends

Sorry I was busy with my exams ....... I will be back for sharing my thoughts with you in a few days...

You will enjoy my blog there on.....

keep in touch..................

Priyaa is Back...................