Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missing You SASTRA

Waking up early in the morning, rushing to catch the bus, cashing the bus, Listening to the song "padichupathen eravilla " in full sound, going to class before time, waiting for friends to join, listening to class, sending sms to the backbench friends while the lectures get boring, kadalai s, making fun of all who get caught in eyes, thinking of krishna canteen samosas, lunch time philosophies on cinema, pick ups and drops, not studies,'E' and 'I' get togethers ;-),thinking to get nice marks, running for notes,studying a week before exams,filling out loads and loads of papers in exam, anxious about results, getting unexpected marks,asking for treats,hanging out in canteen, taking part in arguments which may end up in quarrels,naming lecturers,cartooning them,enjoying cultural s,waiting for holidays, ................

Will I get these happiest moments again?

Golden days are the College days.

I enjoyed this life in my own way.

Missing my friends,I section, E section, proffs,..................................

I love you SASTRA.
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