Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bike Rides, Shaky Photography and me

I love night bike rides. I go for  long bike rides whenever I feel happy. When I was a kid, my dad takes me to school by bike whenever our car is not available. My school pick ups and drops are always car rides and rarely bike rides. I feel like I rule the world when the cool hastly wind tear through my face during a powerful speed bike rides.

During my teens, myself and my brother go for long bike rides and have a couple of fresh juices in our favourite fresh juice shop. I admire his steady speedy rides without any doubts on balance. I just fly with him.

After marriage, my day 2 day rides and trips are on bikes. The rides never sour. My hubby's patience towards my bike ride craziness is very much appreciated. Some times we try new routes to go home. We enjoy snacks stops, vechile less roads, good climate ,etc

He usually asks me to sing his favourite songs during the bike rides. Our biking are always romantic.
shaky photography during one of the night bike rides

Beating heat in between a bike ride

I love talking pictures when riding pillion. I have loads and loads of such photography in my hard disk. I love looking at those sweet shaky photograph after few days, months or years. Bike rides are turn on which in second boost the positive attitude in me.

I love bikes and I love riding bikes. I just long yet fast traffic free bike rides. Wow

Royal Enfield
 My favorite bikes are Royal Enfield, Ducati, Unicorn, Dawn, Pulsar

This post is for Castrol Power Contest and find them here

Friday, March 30, 2012

My fascination towards Barbies

People close to me know my love towards Barbie dolls. From my childhood, I have grown seeing and playing with these beautiful, slim beauties. According to me Barbies are very well dressed, cute and a great inspiration to all girls.

Last week, I was in a toy shop checking out a variety of such beauties in Barbie section. I love Barbie's sister Kelly too.

Apart from dolls, accessories for girls were also found there. I have nearly 7 to 8 Barbie dolls with me. In future, if I give birth to baby girl, I am sure I will fill the whole house full of Barbies and Barbie house and sets.

I love Barbie..

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hotel Saravana Bhavan : Eat Out

I am here writing my mind out after a long time. My outings with my hubby have started as usual. This week, we checked out the new branch of Hotel Saravana Bhavan in Valasaravakkam. This is one of the most crowded hotels in the city.
Round one : We ordered 14 - Idly with sambar which took more than 45 minutes to get prepared. Oh I was hungry so didnt have the patience to capture the food ;)

Round Two : Paneer Kulcha and Mushroom - Babycorn Masala (Makku Kumb Masala). This also took so much time but was very yummy!

Round three : Vegetable Biryani and Potato Mushroom fry

The restaurant was crowded , costly but food was yummy!

We had nice food and quality time together =)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crazy Me


 By Afternoon, I heard that I am gonna meet him after a long time. Suddenly my loneliness is gone. World seems beautiful. My finger chooses all happy tunes in my playlists. My heart rejoices. All songs mean a lot and  last but not least my lips smiled (after ages)

Wow what a state of mind I  undergo right now. I close my eyes finding myself in dreamland full of music and love. And opened my eyes to see myself in the bus all alone.

I love this crazy state of mine.

Project 365 : Happy Women's Day

To all the great and strong ladies, I wish you a very ' Happy Women's Day'
My love to the greatest lady in the world -- My Mom.

Shadow play  - Shot with Galaxy Fit with Fx Camera App

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project 365 : Mad(e) in Australia

Australia is a dream.
It makes me smile whenever I see "Australia".Spotted Billabong Wine bottle. And one cant find this wine in Australia.. He he

Anyways Mad(e) in Australia

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project 365 : The most beautiful handwriting

One handwriting style, I love, adore, imitate is my dad's writing style.
World's best Handwriting and language belong to my dad!


Pondy Bazaar -- Photographic Post

This weekend, I spent few quality hours in one of my favourite spots in Chennai city. The one and only Pondy Bazaar. Guys in our family hate this place which is filled with all girly shopping outlets.

Clicked only few shots of a shop :( but shopped heaps and heaps for stuffs. :)). Check out the pictures.

Just 4 days to go .... Guess what?