Saturday, August 7, 2010

#3 :Watch a sunrise at least once a year

I have read a book which instructs you to enjoy your life to the fullest. So following them.
Contribution by my husband on our trip to beach:

After busy schedules and a hectic week with mechanical life waiting for the weekend to take rest to face the coming week aheard. In between a humble request from my wife saying it was long time we spend time with nature and I would like to see the sun rise tomorrow morning. At that moment, the time was nearly half passed eleven. Night went with plesent sleep and no dreams but, there is a small thought " wake up in the morning" to give surprise to wife saying "Nature call : I am ready for sun rise". Yes the thought in mind is very powerful and disturbed me. Unexpectedly power was cut in the early morning and a whisper in my ears saying "did you get chance to think about what I told you yesterday"; "I would like to see the sunrise in the morning". Slowly I, opened my eye's and asked what is the time and she told me that it was already early morning and time was 4.45 AM. It was midnight for me but slowly woke up and said "ok, Let start we are going to give surprise to SUN. My spouse still did not able to accept and there was a padimonium suituation between dream and reality. She was not able to realise "today we are going to see the nature and sun rise and start the day with blessings of god(nature)."

We have started at 5.30 AM and the bike ride in the early morning was too good with no traffic. Yes it looked like a different day. Imagin, madras with no sound pollution and traffic jam. My speed slowly rised to 60 KM and their was one more surprise that I found was an alternate straight route to city center which is on the way to beach. I realise that in the fast moving life, how many beautiful things are there and we don't have time to even enjoy the love and affection of nature.

Overall it was a splendid experience which cannot be expressed in words. Thanks for my wife to start my day with cool breeze, moderate weather, close hug and small chit chat while driving which made me feel good and believed that there is someone who wants to change my life and bring blossoms.

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Paneer Tikka - Weekend Starter - Photographic guide

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend job - Clean Clean !

Before :

After :

Hurrah ! finished this hectic job!

Indian Low calorie - Palak Dhaal

Palak Dhaal is one of my favourite dish. I love it when my mom cooks it with Rasam sadam. It is a high protein , low carb food. Folic acid content is high in this dish . Hence highly recommended for girls and pregnant woman atleast once in a week.

Yeah the recipe is as follows

Ingredients :
1cup Thoor Dhaal
1Palak Green Bunch
2 Red chillies
2 garlic cloves (minced)
2 onions
2 tomatoes
1cup beans
3carrots (sliced horizontally)
½tablespoon Turmeric powder
½tablespoon Asafodia powder
Salt as needed
3 tablespoons of Sambhar powder/ Curry powder

Step 1 : Cut the green into small pieces.Soak them in water to clean.Drain the water.
Step 2 : Cut the vegetables into small cubes.
Step 3 : Preheat the pressure cooker and spray oil ( to reduce oil and thereby cholestrol ;) )
Step 4 : Add mustard seeds and allow it to burst
Step 5 : Add red chillies, onion , garlic and saute them till brown.
Step 6 : Then add tomatos and asafoetida powder. this adds smell to the dish.
Step 7:  Meanwhile soak the thoor dhaal in water.
Step 8 : Add carrot and beans to the dish.
Step 9 : Drain the thoor dhaal and add it to the dish.
Step 10 : Add Sambhar powder and salt and palak greens
Step 11 : Mix well and close the lid.
Step 12 : Let cook till 15 minutes or till 2 - 3 whistles...
Step 13 : Serve Palak dhaal for 3

Do it and Comment on how it tastes!