Sunday, August 1, 2010

Indian Low calorie - Palak Dhaal

Palak Dhaal is one of my favourite dish. I love it when my mom cooks it with Rasam sadam. It is a high protein , low carb food. Folic acid content is high in this dish . Hence highly recommended for girls and pregnant woman atleast once in a week.

Yeah the recipe is as follows

Ingredients :
1cup Thoor Dhaal
1Palak Green Bunch
2 Red chillies
2 garlic cloves (minced)
2 onions
2 tomatoes
1cup beans
3carrots (sliced horizontally)
½tablespoon Turmeric powder
½tablespoon Asafodia powder
Salt as needed
3 tablespoons of Sambhar powder/ Curry powder

Step 1 : Cut the green into small pieces.Soak them in water to clean.Drain the water.
Step 2 : Cut the vegetables into small cubes.
Step 3 : Preheat the pressure cooker and spray oil ( to reduce oil and thereby cholestrol ;) )
Step 4 : Add mustard seeds and allow it to burst
Step 5 : Add red chillies, onion , garlic and saute them till brown.
Step 6 : Then add tomatos and asafoetida powder. this adds smell to the dish.
Step 7:  Meanwhile soak the thoor dhaal in water.
Step 8 : Add carrot and beans to the dish.
Step 9 : Drain the thoor dhaal and add it to the dish.
Step 10 : Add Sambhar powder and salt and palak greens
Step 11 : Mix well and close the lid.
Step 12 : Let cook till 15 minutes or till 2 - 3 whistles...
Step 13 : Serve Palak dhaal for 3

Do it and Comment on how it tastes!
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