Monday, April 18, 2011


On an afternoon , when I entered the cafeteria of my office ,there was a huge rush in a stall like setup. I was not able to figure out what is the stall for. I moved past the crowd and stod in the queue to collect my bill for lunch.

Meanwhile , I noticed a large screen showcasing the popular event called " Turtle Walk" . It was all about how they go in search of turtle eggs , preserve them and hatch them and return them back to the sea. It was wonderful but I was wondering how big the egg would be!

I had a HSB North Indian Thalli . Lunch time is always a fun time for me. I have my lunch with my whole team. I enjoy lunch each day with my team. Fun! We fought for sweet as usual. Lunch was over.

By the time, the crowd in the so called stall was moderate. I peeked into the crowd and to my surprise , the stall had a rectangular glass tank with tiny tiny turtles which were around 20 to 30 days . The stall was to let us know how the turtle should be handled, how it behaves when we have it in our hand.

I hand all the turtles in my hand and adored their color , softness  and naughtiness. Lovely turtles. We took photos of ours with turtles and had a temparory tattoo of a turtle in Red colour. I even got a ticket for ocean jumping etc. But was not interested as that was tsunami time in Japan.

I enjoyed that afternoon. Here are the pictures of turtle with  myself.

Cute rite.???!!

Lets support a cause.
Lets Turtle Walk.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

World champions 2011


                               Team India

Loved the awesome moment!
Love you Sachin!
Love you Dhoni!
Well done Yuvi!
Raina you were supportive!
Shewag u were awesome!
Ashwin R was good
Sreeshanth escaped!
Nehra was composed
Gambir was another wall
zaheer was too good!
bhajji was emothional
Kohli was energertic
Kristen was really proud!
Loved the whole team!