Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bike Rides, Shaky Photography and me

I love night bike rides. I go for  long bike rides whenever I feel happy. When I was a kid, my dad takes me to school by bike whenever our car is not available. My school pick ups and drops are always car rides and rarely bike rides. I feel like I rule the world when the cool hastly wind tear through my face during a powerful speed bike rides.

During my teens, myself and my brother go for long bike rides and have a couple of fresh juices in our favourite fresh juice shop. I admire his steady speedy rides without any doubts on balance. I just fly with him.

After marriage, my day 2 day rides and trips are on bikes. The rides never sour. My hubby's patience towards my bike ride craziness is very much appreciated. Some times we try new routes to go home. We enjoy snacks stops, vechile less roads, good climate ,etc

He usually asks me to sing his favourite songs during the bike rides. Our biking are always romantic.
shaky photography during one of the night bike rides

Beating heat in between a bike ride

I love talking pictures when riding pillion. I have loads and loads of such photography in my hard disk. I love looking at those sweet shaky photograph after few days, months or years. Bike rides are turn on which in second boost the positive attitude in me.

I love bikes and I love riding bikes. I just long yet fast traffic free bike rides. Wow

Royal Enfield
 My favorite bikes are Royal Enfield, Ducati, Unicorn, Dawn, Pulsar

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