Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Filmy Day Out

Last week , myself and hubby planned to call an off. We didn't have much of "our" time /Date in recent times, hence the decision. We had few household works and started of our footloose ride round the city.

A small aqaurium near the mall

As usual, we went to Gangotree to have creamy yummy strawberry milkshake. Then we went to Abirami Mall. This was the first time we went there. It was a small mall when compared to EA , Spencers and PVR. It was crowdy too. We decided to watch a movie named "Muran". We had a nice time together and enjoyed each scene together.

Then we came down to have some thing to eat as we didnt pack our lunch. We chose Chennai Noodle House. There were varaities of food outlets. But we chose Chennai Noodle House.

I ordered Chilli Garlic Noodle along with Gobi Manchurian. After placing the order, my hubby rushed to our table with two small papers in hand and gave to me. "OMG" Those were tickets to a movie called "Vedi". I was suprised. He said let be together for another 4 hours. We rarely get such happy long hours together alone. We loved those moments and want more time together.

Food was awesome. I love the combination we ordered and rushed to the screen which played "Vedi" . Though movie was an average flick, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie and each other making fun of the movie, munching pop corns.

I really admired the artwork done over the ceiling wall. Arty and classy. I felt screens were good but the stairs,lift , path to each floor are narrow and are prone to accidents. This should be considered by the management.

We were already tired but wanted to go a big ride. So from Purasivakkam we went to TNagar and then to our home. Long,speedy,cool bike ride.

We enjoyed. Thank you N for such a lovely date. Love you N.
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