Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Mid day Indulgence

        I am not sweet toothed. But sometimes my carving for sweets ranging from savouries to cakes is huge. I am bit consicious on my diet these days ;). Once in a while to appreciate my efforts in maintaining my diet, I pamper myself with my favourite food.

     During my busy day at work, my tummy kept thinking of Cakes. This is chirstmas time. From my childhood my tummy is turned to carve for cakes during these holidays.


      I made up my mind to indulge on cakes for lunch. I skipped my lunch and checked out the cake corner in our office cafe. I was spellbound with the varieties of flavours. I chose Strawberry flavour at last.

Choco Vanilla Cake
Vanilla with Choco Scrumbs
Pure Chocolate Cake

It was soft,moist  and creamy. The taste was awesome.That piece of cake had 7 layers and was topped with mixed fruit jelly jam and vanilla cream. The huge slab of cake was more for my lunch. I had invited no friends for lunch that day for my secret indulgence. So stuffed my tummy with this yummy delicasy.

Should tune my tummy for the diet again :(

Happy Christmas.

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