Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fire Alarm

Today as usual, I reached office by 8 am and started working on the tasks I had to do. After an hour and a half, emergency alarm broke the silence for the first time. No one was bothered as we were used to false alarms or boring fire drills.

The alarm started again and again. I started developing doubt. Drills happen only around afternoon and false alarms can happen once or twice. So I just went one floor down. i. e to  second floor of the building. I saw men running here and there. I didnt panic but stopped one among them to ask him what had happened.

He replied me saying a Server cable burned, hence the alarm. I ran back to my place alerted my project mates to rush down.

By the time we reached down, most of them were evacuated from the building. We were all safe. WE were made to go away from the building. After few minutes, volunteers were carrying hose pipes, water cans and rush to the second floor when fire was fast spreading to third floor. (I was working in this floor)

An ambulance came rushing to the spot. Two to three fire engines rushed to the spot. Soon we were able to see smokes through terrace. Smoke filled the building. News spread to media and was flashed on NDTV and SUN TV. Soon my family and friends started calling me to check if I am ok.

We were asked to leave home as Network through out the building was out. After a long struggle I came home. Had no money. One of my project guy helped me with 100 bugs. Damn my hand bag was stuck in the third floor. I munched a sandwich and came home tired.

Thanks to all who were helping us to evacuate the building and to those who fought with fire and smoke. Hats off.

PS : Don't ignore emergency alarms. This is for our precious life. Money doesnt matter. Life is more important.

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