Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tribute to my hometown - Celebration on!

This year Brihadeshwarar temple ,Thanjavur  is celebrating its 1000th anniversary. I'm really proud that this arhitectural beauty stands in my hometown, Thanjavur,TamilNadu. This temple was built by a well known Chola king, Rajaraja Cholan. This temple is famous and most popularly called "Periya kovil" or "Big Temple". One can enjoy the architectural beauty of this temple. This temple showcases the sculpturing talents like the biggest shiva "Lingam" and "Nandi"

This place, for me is very special as I spent my childhood days playing hide and seek and catch - catch games. I go for walking around the 'pragara'. Beautiful place. Must see place in the world.

Love you Thanjavur. Adore my howe town and its beauty.

This post is a tribute to my homw town and for my big temple.
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