Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review : Dan Brown's Inferno

   Dan Brown's fourth novel in Robert Langdon Series is finally out. I had preordered the book in which rendered a very good service in getting the book on my hands on the day of the book release.

I m very proud to say that Inferno is my first book which I ordered before the book was actually out. I was proud showing off this book in my hand during  break time and lunch hours in office cafe. 

I wanted to complete this book at least within a week so that I can give first hand review.  I got the book on 15th of May and completed on 19th of May 2013. In addition, this book completed my goal of reading fifteen books by this year with pride.

OK more into Inferno. Whatte an immense hard work! Fantastic research on the histories. Visual tours to Florence, Venice and Istanbul.  The book had a gripping plot which made me stick to the book till the last word in the last page. It can serve as an research material. But the story is more or less the same as that of Angels and Demons. Threat to earth, genius and brave lady lead, more or less a day's story similar to Angels and Demons. 

This book cultivates the idea of reading the classic novel Inferno by Dante. This book talks a lot about Dante's Inferno and also in and out of Florence.

Few pages made me doze off! But I promise this is a must read in Robert Langdon series. No doubt this will be a made a movie! I love Robert Langdon series. Expecting a different plot in this series with Robert Langdon as Lead.

Characters I just loved in this book : Robert Langdon, Sienna Brooks, Martha ( the pregnant lady) , Sinskey and Bruder!

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