Thursday, May 21, 2009

#13 List of things I Like...

  1. My Family (Mom, Dad, Brother , Husband,Grandma and Grand pa)
  2. Home Town (Thanjavur ,India)
  3. My Dogs
  4. Desktop with Fast Internet Connection
  5. Hot and Cold Coffee
  6. High speed bike rides with my brother ,Krishna
  7. Pillayar Chathurthi Pooja for our kutti Pillaiyar
  8. My Dad’s Spicy Cooking
  9. My Mom’s delicious south Indian cooking
  10. My sweetheart , voice over the phone
  11. Watching movies with the whole family in cinemas.
  12. Long drives in Innova / Qualis
  13. My shelf/cupboard at home and at hostel
  14. My workspace
  15. My brother’s choice of Music playlists (very good)
  16. my mom’s care, kisses, hugs
  17. Shopping with mom
  18. Giving surprise BDay gifts to loved ones
  19. Butterscoth icecreams
  20. Hot Choclate syrup on vanilla icecream
  21. Thengga thogayal and Gott Rasam
  22. Cheese toppings on the pizza
  23. Music esp ARR’s
  24. Death punch Music
  25. My Bag and Hand bags (very possessive)
  26. My Toyota Wrist Watch
  27. Kodaikanal ,India
  28. Vetha kozhambhi and potato Fry (Yummy)
  29. Sent Of Sammangi (a kind of jasmine)
  30. Preparing for any exams
  31. Earrings and Bangles
  32. Biryani
  33. Mushroom recipies
  34. Cauliflower fry
  35. My SweetHeart saying “I love you”
  36. My brother’s Sense of humor.
  37. flavour of Ginger and Garlic mixtures
  38. Vadivelu’s Peculiar dialogues
  39. My Paintings and gen paintings
  40. Saurav Ganguly , Madhavan R, Ajith Kumar
  41. Key chains
  42. Spectacles
  43. Coolers
  44. Kurtas
  45. Jeans (only PePe Jeans)
  46. Books (Novels or Text)
  47. Being occupied with some work.
  48. Barbie
  49. Afternoon Maggie noodles with my brother watching TV
  50. Swat cats, Dexter Lab, Tom and Jerry , Popoye and Johnny Quest Cartoons

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