Friday, May 15, 2009

25 Things I just want to do..

  1. Grow plants and develop a beautiful indoor / outdoor patch .
  2. Keep udating blog with photos and my artworks.
  3. Start a blog full of favourite lyrics.
  4. Paint and Pencil sketch a lot.
  5. Paint nails regularly.
  6. Maintain a paper journal.
  7. Cook different dishes on weekends.
  8. Use Ink Pen. (exposes my handwriting skills to the extreme level)
  9. Wish everyone known, on their birthdays.
  10. Improve photographic skills (take as much photos).
  11. Keep a check on weight.
  12. Create awareness on social issuses among friends and others.
  13. Make a list of what all I like.
  14. Visit beach once in a month.
  15. Read nice classic books and novel (finishing Heidi within june 6th)
  16. Save all the photos and keep them safe and organised.
  17. Learn to iron your clothes properly.
  18. Try Straightening of my hair.
  19. Collect cool pictures of your favourite person,clothes,accessories,etc and save them.
  20. Learn to design clothes.
  21. Maintainence of house.
  22. Should take care of my skin.
  23. Learn the skills of make up - ing.
  24. Maintain a library.(well organised one).
  25. Learn 5 words from dictionary daily.

I want to do these in a year time and I will keep updating your on what all I have done so far as quickly as possible.Keep peeping into my blog. Have a great day ahead.
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