Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tagged : What is in your handbag ????

This a very cute tag game from Iza 's Thepinkstilettos and I was really inspired with the way she presented. Here is the facts and information on my Handbag and its content.
* This black, shining ,cute, small handbag is from cabrelli.
*Here is the list of what is inside my bag.
5. Stapler and Fevistick
6. My Cute Journal
7.Pills Pouch
8.Coins Pouch
9. Spects
10. Nail Cutter
11.Make up Pouch (containing Garnier Facewash,Garnier Dark circle remover, lipsticks and lip balms ,kajal,Perfume)
12. Hair clips
13. Mint /Gum
14. Last but not least Money.....

Its a good tag right. Girly Tag. Interesting one too...
People, Take this Tag and try out .. Lets peek into others handbags through this!!!;)
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