Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#45 Have a board game night :Day Zero

I have a list of things to do in 1001 days in Day Zero Project . One among them is having a board game night.

This summer, when my brother same home for his holidays, we really wanted to have fun together (family as a whole). My dad is always away for work being a doctor. My mom is always engaged in house hold works and bank works. Grand ma was also there with us.

I decided to get a board game which can glue all of us together. Each day during those holidays , myself and all from family assembled in our TV hall after dinner. My brother bought few good movies and played one each night.
We played this board game called "Business" Good one. Krish instructed us the rules and we had perima as our banker

There were 4 teams and a spl banker
* Dad and mom (Dad was attending patients in between) so 2 member team ;)
* Patti
* Krishna
* Priyaa (mysself)

I have played this game when we were kids too.


I realised what wonder this game made to us.

  •  we were all together.
  •  we were actually talking to each other after a very long time
  •  we were enjoying each others company
  •  we talked and shared events and moments other than game and its rules
  •  Learn the sense of humor hiding in everyone
  •  Wonderful time together.
I suggest every  family to get glued with each one in the home with such games or movies.

Loved  , felt protected and in warmth.

I love my family.
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