Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Zero .. Navarathiri Special

Navarathiri is a very grand , authentic , colourful festival which signifies the importance of woman in a family /society.
Three Goddess are being worshipped in all the 9 days of Navarathri festival.
Nava means Nine. These nine days are split into 3 parts and each 3 days are dedicated to each Goddess.
We worship
Durga(Parvathi) - Goddess of braveness and boldness ;
Lakshmi - Goddess of wealth
Saraswathi - Goddess of arts , intellect.

During the Day Zero, Construction of steps to arrange dolls (Gollu) and decorations are being done.
Arrangement of dolls are done.
All these nine days, we cook different sundals ( rich in protein).
We invite friends and family to visit our Gollu.
We dress up in traditional wear or ethinic one.
Music fills our house.. Good music..
Exchange of gifts are being done.

Love this festival ....
More on next posts..

PS .. This arrangement is done by my mom in Thanjavur...Awesome isnt it?
Will post my gollu in Chennai

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