Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PetsCare Vaccinate your pup

Recently we welcomed our sweet boy (cute lil Rotweilier). It was 4 months old. We bought him from a well off family who had two Russian bred Rotweiliers. Sweet boy was awesome and my brother named him "Leo"(name changed).I enjoyed being with him. We called our vet and asked him to vaccinate him as this was our regular practise of vaccinating our pups. We usually get home puppies who are very little (say 35 days pup) and the exception was Tom (he was 6 to 7 months).
It seems the ex owners of my pup didnt feed him well . So come on we were in full swing getting him chews, porridges, eggs yogurt , milk etc for him..

After a day or two of vaccination he fell down sick. My dad and vet were his medicos. They finalised that he is affected by Paro Virus which can only be avoided only if the pup is vaccineated for the virus after 40 days of its birth. As the ex owners  didnt vaccinate him soon after the 40th day!..

As my father was a surgeon , he know the pup will have inflamed digestive track so no input is going to work. He injected him a candler and fed him through IVs, this happened for 3 days. the pup struggled a lot but co operated the treatment. (WOW ) I was mesmerised with its patience.

Now he is happily playing along with his counterparts... My family 's love is very much for pets esp dogs. I love dogs. I have cute doggies love me and thinking of me each sec showing their love to me and expect the only thing in return love...

My inspiration on loving pets came from my DAD.He loves DOGS.He taught me to grow dogs. 

I request all dog growers and lovers to take proper care of your dogs, feed them well.

Please VACCINATE them and protect them from DISEASES.Maintain a book to record the date of vaccinations and type of the same... Pets rely on us.

Love you pets!
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