Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rain made our day...

As usual, I got ready for work and suddenly my hubbie said he would drop me in my office. I was happy as I like bike rides and being with my man. As we started to work by bike, rain started. It was just drizzles till half way. I was enjoying the climate, talking and laughing enjoying the ride , though we were heading to office.

In few minutes, we were drenched by heavy downpour and was not able to proceed ahead. So we parked the bike side by to the road and stood under my umberlla. After 45 minutes, It was all over and sky was clear. So we started towards my work place.

Again it all started and we decided to go home. When we decided it was nearly noon and headed to Nallas , a resturant we always go when in OMR. We ordered our favourite foods and had a hot, yummy lunch.

Gobi 65

Paneer Tikka

Mushroom Scrumbs

Veg Biryani
Gobi Manchurian

We went home. we had rest after escaping work load presure for that day. By evening we booked ticket for a tamil film "Velayudham". We already saw "7am Arivu" so 'no other way' choice is Velayudham. After the film, we clicked few photos with our favorite hero, heroine posters, munched yummy snacks and headed back home.

Yummy pop corns and Cold Coffee

"Osthey Mamey"

"We with Shruthi and Surya"

Whatte day right? Wont you agree rain made our day that day?

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