Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY : Valentines Day Love Tokens

This weekend was simply a learning. I learn few beautiful DIY ideas from Pinterest and few other websites.

The DIY Ideas were awesome and that too for Valentines Day. These gifts may be silly and simple. If I gift these to my love, he will truly appreciate my creativeness and encourge me in constructive learning.

My hubby is the most important person in my life.. Learning some simple stuff and showing my love towards him even in these tiny gifts makes me happy.

I learnt to make hearts. I learnt to make hearts just by joining papers and also the Origami style heart.. Also learnt Heart Bookmarks! The website from which i learnt Origami is Origami Club!!

Please find the hearts which i made for my hubby for this Valentines day.

                                  Valentines Day is fast approaching!!!!



roses said...

Good one...

priyaa iyer said...


Thank you :)