Sunday, January 29, 2012

Priyaa's Faluda Cake - Step by Step Recipe

This is my second attempt on cakes after the chocolate cake with plain whipped cream icing. In this new year, I tried making multiple flavour cake. I grabbed the recipe from The Cake I did, had three flavours like vanilla, pine apple and mashed bananas. The icing had lemon and chocolate powder in it.

I did this with my whole family. My dad and mom were helping me in getting ingredients. They really enjoyed me doing things with creativity.

I am very happy about the output. But the cake is yet to be tasted. Only reason being, I did the cake late in the evening which would make us feel heavy. The flavour of lemon and aroma was awesome.

Step by Step Pictorial Tutorial for this cake making is as follows..

Mash two medium sized bananas

Mix the mashed banana with the cake powder mix

Add 2 tbsp of oil, 2 tbsp vannila essesence, 2 tbsp of pine apple essesence

Add milk and stir well till u get the following consistency of the flour

Apply oil and sprinkle maida flour and pour the batter into the vessel to make the cake.
Add Butterscotch,cashewnuts and Dried grapes
Place the vessel in electri cooker with 1 inch water. Keep the batter on power for nearly 40 minutes.
Meanwhile steps for preparing icing:

Mix Icing Sugar and 2 lemon's juice + 1 spoon of complan to form a icing of following consistency

The aroma is really awesome. The consistency is important.

After 35 minutes, the cake is made and placed on the cake dish. Leave it for 10 minutes so that the cake is set

Cover the cake with the icing!

Cake is decorated with silver pellets , butterscotch, jelly, gems.

Lemon are placed on the cake dish to give a cool look =)

Keep the cake in a warm place for a night and slice to enjoy the delicacy. I kept it in our microwave oven.

Yummy Faluda Cake Ready!


harini vikram kalkur said...

Neatly explained :-)

priyaa iyer said...

@Harini Vikram Kalkur

Thank you de!