Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quaked by Earth Quake

For the first time in my life, I felt the earth quake. I always wondered how an earthquake would be like. It was a scary, thrilling feel. Really. Whole of the software industry was on OMR rushing home. Myself and my brother struggled to get home. We had struggled to ride home from our office which took 3.5 hours to cover just 34kms. My brother who picked me from my office literally walked all way home sitting on his motorbike due to the very slow moving traffic. We could see the fear of death on everyone's face on the road. Tsunami alert was given which made everyone even more panic.

My dad stayed back in Chennai cancelling his trip to TNJ just to pick us up from our office and to make sure we are safe. His anxiety level is very very high when it comes to me or my brother. My mom kept ringing us from TNJ to make sure we were home as soon as possible.

We love you Dad and MOM! We are gifted. My parents love for us is immeasurable. We adore and celebrate you Mom and Dad!

Psssshhh: Dont tell anyone! I really enjoyed the earth quake. First time in my life time. Feeling thrilled and smiles all over.

Praying to God to minimize or nullify natural calamities! =)
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