Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend Outing

Last weekend, we went to a couple of places to relax. My hubby booked tickets for the movie "3". You know what, we went for morning show after a  long time since Endhiran. That morning, we had huge mug of milo and went to watch the movie.

The movie was fine. The first half was lovey dovey and comedy was in track and entertaining. During interval, we both were more disciplined and didnt go out  to the snacks bar.

Second half of the movie was horrible. We were very hungry and hurried to nearby resturant "Vasantha Bhavan" After having meals and a cup of hot coffee, I clicked few fantastic clicks there. The reception area had vibrant colours.

My hubby loved each of the pictures I took. Rest of the day went on with organising and shopping.

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