Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chennai Trade Center Exhibition :2012

Last weekend, after doing all organising works in house, myself and my hubby were both bored to be at home. So we decided to visit a local exhibition which I found out from the newspaper. The exhibition held at Chennai Trade Centre which had stall for property, automobiles, interior decoration lots more.

My hubby and his friend's family made our way to the exhibition early that evening. There was entry fee. We filled lucky dip coupons.Friend's family included two little kids. It was fun being with them.

The first few stalls were filled with cars which included Toyota's , Fords, and lot more varaities of cars.
The second section was full of sofas, beds, furnitures.

The next stall were treat to eyes which included decorators, bronze idols, lights, etc

 The display of lights grabbed my attention. They were awesome. The prize of those light bit more, but the are washable and long lasting

 They were few picnic dinners, The demo of this attracted many people. One can buy this if the family has kids and if they are accustomed to picnics..

The stall next was showcasing antique clocks and paintings. Each piece was awesome.

Wooden idols and marble idols, swings expresses the creative hand workers and their talents.

Few fern and floral stalls out there.
 Jewellery stall .............. Awwwwwwwww! Beautiful beaties from Malaysia were displayed..

Massage machines displays!

 Dolphin massage demo ...
 The outing was enjoyable. We also won a lucky dip! Lets see what happens!

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