Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorable Painting

Last weekend, my mind kept telling me to rekindle my interest in water colour paintings. So I decided to paint and made space in my room for the painting process.

I chose one picture and started painting. I felt I lost my touch in painting and brushes. Soon I gained a confidence that I can excel with practice.

I completed and showed my painting to my husband. The painting was still wet. He grabbed it and asked " shall I do some strokes in that?". I said no. but he insisted. I let go disappointed. I disliked when he made some changes on the painting. I told him that too. He said " I thought I want to contribute something what u have done." It made me smile.

I adored the painting though. We did it together. Letting go of few small petty thing can build get relationship. I will treasure the painting throughout my life. 

I have asked him to laminate it and he promised to that :)



Nona shivangi said...

It was a good experience to read the articles and contents on this site.

Priyaa Iyer said...