Friday, July 27, 2012

List of things which make me happy..

Doing something creative always energises my mind and soul. During my childhood, I was very creative inspired by my mom and grandma. These hectic office days sometimes make me sluggish, complaining girl. But kick those feelings out of my mind doing something cute and close to my heart.

To be creative, we should keep our mind happy and relaxed. A bedroom curio like this makes me creative or simply happy

Things I do which makes me happy..

1. I clean my closet, bedroom and bookshelves. The spic and span room makes me proud.
2. Cooking new and traditional recipes is one such things which occupies my happy times. Shopping groceries for my cooking scores even more points =)
3. Painting or any art work. I use watercolours to paint. I also love making polymer clay models. My oven and kitchen have had enough of me baking clay model experiments. Once I tried baking a panda clay model which ended up with burnt butt with smoke all over. ;)
4. Photography and processing photos. I use all the photo edit softwares in my phone and laptop. I love Instagram and Lightroom.
5. Reading book ..Most of my time taken for travel to work is dedicated for my mom's conversation followed by a good book's company.
6. Spending time with my family. I just love it and which I long for each second.
7. Music. Good Music. Singing or listening to Music is always a great stress reliever.
8. Surfing through my favourite blogs.

Cute Charms which I made recently..


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