Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vijayadasmi Day

This is such a auspisious day in this festive season. Saraswathi pooja and Vijayadasmi are my favourite festivals and very close to my heart. These two days fill my heart and mind with bursting new positive energy.

My grandfather always insisted us to do all the things you want to excel in this day. Till marriage, my grandfather and my dad made me and my brother to sit with our favourite books all day. They also encourage us to do our favourite art form. They have taught us that to excel in different areas of our interest , start it on vijayadasmi. So I make it a point to start / practise the arts or studies on this day.

This practise has made me gain more interest on my passions.  I read and do things I want to excel in this day.

Thank you thatha and appa for inculcating this beautiful habit in me.

Happy Vijayadasmi. Stick to your passions and strive for excellence in the same.

Wishes =)


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