Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Peas Pulao | Peas Pilaf

The dish which is very easy do on a hurry is here. For rice suckers like me, it is a boon. The recipe follows.

1. Basmati Rice 1-2 cups
2. Onion (Medium)
3. Ginger garlic paste - 1 tbsp
4. Green fresh peas
5. Ghee 1 tbsp
6. Salt for taste
. 7. Ground pepper 2 pinches
8. Cashew nuts

1. In a cooker, heat ghee till it melts
2. Add add cashews, chopped onions and garlic paste for two minutes
3. Put the wet rice which is soaked for nearly 20 minutes.
4. Saute for 2 minutes
5. Add 4 cups of water and salt. Stir well.
6. Close the lid of the cooker and let the rice o medium heat for 15 minutes.
7. Meanwhile microwave peas coated witn ghee for 1 minute . Thus we can retain peas' green color.
8. Once rice is cooked and grains are seperate add peas and pepper powder. 9. Mix well 10. Serve hot with raitha. I served with bindi raitha. It was absolutely deliciously.
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