Monday, December 10, 2012

My Birthday 2012

This is very special birthday. I love bday parties and suprise parties. The most victimised sweet person for all the suprise party I arrange is my brother. I used to buy cakes, fill balloons with water and break them on his head. It makes me very happy. I celebrate my loved ones bdays as a festival.
This time my hubby and my parents made it a huge party. We have get together un our aunty's house. I went to Kapaleeshwarar temple that morning with my parents and brother. My mom' s childhood play area was this temple. She was thrilled. The visit to the temple made me calm and relaxed.
By evening, Nishok bought a huge black forest cake. This was the yummiest cake I have ever had. He gave me a beautiful chudidhar and my mom gave me a cute chudidhar. I just loved theose clothes. With family , I cut the cake and headed to Mathsaya.There we went for buffet since ala carte was over booked and crowded. We have nice time together. A bday well spent with family is a great gift. This made me realise how much my family love and care for me. Special thanks for my friends and Fb friends and blog readers for the bday wishes.

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