Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life Of Pi - The MOVIE

Today being a Friday, me and Nishok planned a perfect movie date. It turned out to be the best date movie. The movie was about a boy and his extraordinary journey. I was actually late home. The movie was by 9.30 PM and I reached home by 9.15 PM from work. Soon me and Nishok rode to the cinema. On the way to the theatre, I muched out the 3 lovely chappatis rolled in with onion chutney. Nishok is a lovely person who never keeps me hungry or want of anything. Hedoes more than what I need. One such desire of mine was to watch Life of Pi.
The movie was a 3D one at FAME. The effects were extraordinary. From the beginning till the end the movie kept me stick to it. I was very thrilled to hear people speaking Tamil here and there. After the ship wreck, the story is taken to a different level. The absolute entertainment piece of the film is when the tiger makes it to the boat and it re entry in the boat. The whole audience was thrown to the back of their seats to see tiger jump on the hyena. The orangkuttan was really sweet. The scenes where Pi changes his name to 'pissin' to 'Pi' really showed the attitude of the boy. He thanked the tiger for saving his life. One may wonder when he tells that. He then said that he was made vigil only by the tiger hence he was alive for a long time. At the end he says another disgusting story to the people from that japanese ship company when yhey didnt believe his actual story. Then the listener says that the story with tiger was better when compared to the second one. Pi replied that even God thought that way. Those lines were touching.
Totally an awesome movie. It is a must watch. If u r with a tiger for sometime u can hide from it or fear about it. When is living together with a tiger, you needvyo tame it. God has given that talent to you. Life of Pi is absolutely an adventure with beautiful yet dreadful incidents filled with much needed lessons!

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