Saturday, June 9, 2007

The essence of my life

Music.Music.Music Itz my passion. For me music is everything.

Music in others mind:

Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time. Elements of sound as used in music are pitch (including melody and harmony), rhythm (including tempo and meter), and sonic qualities of timbre, articulation, dynamics, and texture.

How i got this interest:

From my childhood i used to sing all cine scores and slogas, in a perfect tone. When the film Bombay was released, i was fascinated by the song "uyire uyire". I heard that song a couple of times and i was happy practicing it as i was a bit difficult pitch for that age to cope up with. Once my grandpa(a great, famous, noble doctor ) found my talent when i sang the song along with the video of that song. He told that he was amazed to see my talent and the next day he put me into a class for learning music. At that age i used to sing but didnt know the value of learning it. But i learnt for 2 years and then left that. After six months my mom took me to a music teacher who taught me music for more that 5 years . During these years, i shaped my voice to a bearable one and learnt some techniques in singing. In the meanwhile i was one in the quoir in my school from 6th standard to 11th std. Due to the board exams i left my classes to concentrate more in studies and i left the quoir also for the same reason.

When i entered my college, I participated in intra college competition. Among 300 to 400 students i was selected in one among the best 10. But i lost in the finals. I recognised my talent on that stage.
Thus my passion and interest in music was developed.

According to me music is something which is with me always in pain and also in happiness.

Not only singing:

Listening to music , playing keyboard and violin are also the fields i want to do more.
My people..................

I have a set of people who are fond of my music. They encourage me and motivate me to do work on that so that i cud excel some day. I love them.

I consider them precious , becoz in my music career i have been given only constant discouragements from some set of people .

Anyway Music is my everything and itz my life. I want to become a playback singer i want show the world my talent.

Adore music . lose pain
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