Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jackie Chan

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Yesterday i saw Jackie Chan movie. i was luxuriated in with his stunts and his comic actions. So i Wanted to sketch him with my wand. So i got into Google and got one of his picture. With that i made a quick sketch. The pictures are here. Plz do tell your Comments.

Born in 1954, Chan Kong-Sang (meaning born in Hong Kong), Jackie was the only son of Charles and Lee-lee Chan, who were very poor and worked for the French ambassador to Hong Kong. Charles was a cook and a handyman, while Lee-Lee worked as a housekeeper. Jackie's parents had no money to pay for the surgery bills and had to borrow from friends and relatives, refusing the offer from the lady doctor who delivered him to 'adopt' him.

At 7, Jackie's parents moved to Australia to work. Being a naturally energetic boy, Jackie was enrolled in Yu Jim Yuen's Training Academy to study Peking Opera. It was a grueling process, where they had to wake up at five in the morning and turned in late at night. They spent most of their time learning acrobatics, martial arts , acting and putting on face make-up and minimal time on formal lessons. Jackie had said life in the Peking Opera School was tough, where one can easily get beaten up by Master Yu if one did not train hard enough or were naughty. Separate interviews with Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung and Mars (though not from the same school) also echoed that Peking Opera Training is extremely tough. Together with Sammo And Biao, the three were part of the Famous Seven Little Fortunes troupe. Jackie was to spend 10 years at the Opera School some sort like an apprentice learning an elusive skill, one which will put him in good stead for his superstar future.

With the decline of Peking Opera, Jackie entered the film industry in 1971 to work as an extra or stuntman.

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