Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

         Today is a special day for most of us. From my teenage, I used to have thoughts, dreams and fascination on love. I wanted gifts from a man who loves me and lives for me on this day. I am a kind of girl who doesn't believe in group of guys following a girl is envious. I won't agree that the girl is lucky.

         I wanted a guy who would be compatible with me and my thoughts all through my life. I wanted that one man to be my crush, love, husband, soul mate, patner in crime and my everything. I wanted him to hug and blow a kiss on Valentine's day and gift something (not a costly one)with  so much love. Wow! I dreamt of it. I  begged God to give me a partner who is kind, loving and caring.

         My Prayers are answered. This man called me in the morning and Wished me "Darling Happy Valentines Day" and asked me to check my mail box. I saw a greeting with beautiful lines for me.

" By miles, you are far away from me.

  By Thoughts, you are close to me.

   By hearts, you are in me"

Whatte a beautiful greeting ! I was moved. I feel blessed and gifted. This is a very spl Valentine's Day for me! =)

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