Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nanban : A Filmy Review

This Friday, my mom and dad celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. We planned for a movie night. My brother wanted to take us to Nanban. It was a very close to heart moment when all your loved ones are spending time for some super fun together.

We went to the theatres 10 minutes after the movie started. We were bit disappointed. But the movie was really entertaining. I loved this version of the 3 idiots. Vijay was an opt choice. After a long time, Srikanth has been given a very good character.

Few scenes were very entertaining, like Srivatsan's speech, Vijays attempt to motivate Jiiva's recovery, etc.

Vijay's names in this movie we re unique. Panchavan Paarivandan and Kosakzi Pasapuzhal !! I loved Jiiva's spontaneous answer for "How does an induction motor starts"

Illeana and Anu has done a cute job. Vijay was charming. I am not a big fan of Vijay but I liked his performance in this movie. Satya raj was similar to our Dean in my college.

My dad and mom enjoyed their wedding anniversary being with us and spent our evening with this movie date.

Nanban is worth seeing and better than Hindi version. Music and cinematography were good. Madhan Karky has done a fantabulous job...

En nanban pola yaaaru machaan!

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